Evolved Employer

A Better Workplace


Our Methodology

Diagnose, co-create solutions, and support you while you implement them.

We apply “systems thinking” to our work and use robust modeling to diagnose systemic issues that are roadblocks to success for business or talent ( including diversity and inclusion) strategies.

We create solutions by looking at 4 areas:

Leadership:  We work with your formal leaders and managers to help them further develop their leadership skills around intercultural competence and change management. We work with other change agents (such as networks heads/ gender champions/straight allies) to help them lead and support change in the middle ranks.

Culture: We assess your organizational culture in context of your goals and diversity and inclusion competence level, and then provide strategies to get you to where you want to go.

Strategy: We help you build and implement realistic and measurable strategies around human capital, performance, and diversity issues.

Systems: We co-create solutions/roadmaps around systemic change so that you can ensure that behavioral change is sustained and supported.

We work with the most progressive firms who continue to develop high performing teams as well as with firms who are starting out on this diversity leadership journey.

Contact CEO Nicki Gilmour at +1 646 6882318 to learn more.