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Evolved Employer undertakes research to find out how diverse groups feel about their workplaces, and how companies can better leverage diverse talent moving forward.


Women in Technology: Leaders of Tomorrow

Published June 2013
This research examines how junior and mid level women in technology approach career advancement and what companies can do to better support them.

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Being Out at Work: Exploring LGBT women’s workplace experience in the UK.

Published August 2012

This report discusses how UK LGBT women in finance perceive the importance of leadership, networking, and straight allies at their firms in creating a workplace culture where everyone can thrive.

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Being Out at Work: Cultural Implications for the “L” in LGBT

Published February 2012

This report shows how LGBT women perceive the organizations in which they work, and discusses ways for companies to attract and retain lesbian talent by highlighting senior level support for LGBT issues and building more inclusive workplace cultures.

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Women in IT: Ambition and Advancement

Published 2011

Our research seeks to gauge how women who work on technology teams feel about their ability to advance in their organizations. One of the most surprising findings within the report revealed that almost half of the women surveyed (41.86%) said they plan to leave their jobs in the next year.

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Upcoming Reports

2013 -December

Managing Identities: Multicultural Women and the Workplace (US)

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