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We offer a number of leadership development sessions, conducted on a small group basis or via a one-to-one executive coaching relationship.

Intercultural Competence for Managers - Ensuring you are understood and that you understand your team. A must for any aspiring leader.

Leveraging Diversity as a Leadership Competence – This course helps leaders develop their intercultural competency level in order to understand, manage and motivate potential and actual high performers.

ERG leadership: Building the business case for change - This course helps leaders and members of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) develop successful strategies for the sustainability of the ERG, with the aim of increasing measurable success for members, and wider positive visibility within the organization.

Successful Change Leadership – This course teaches leaders to identify resistance to change and address resistance accordingly.

Building Champions and Allies - This course “trains the trainer” so that HR and Diversity Professionals can create diversity allies and champions within their own firms for sustainable change.

LGBT Leadership: How to build your network and advance your career – Avoid stereotype threat as a leader, manage bias, and own your social identity at work. This can be in a group or one-to-one coaching

LGBT Rising Stars: Be a change agent – This course is for LGBT professionals who wants to make a positive difference to the system as they rise up the ranks. If the onus is on you, here are the tools to help you achieve your advocacy goals while you achieve your own professional goals.

Women’s Leadership:How to build your network and advance your career - Avoid stereotype threat as a leader, manage bias and be the role model that you didn’t have. This can be in a group or one-to-one coaching.

Unconscious Bias Awareness Sessions for HR professional and Recruiters - Hiring a high performing team and avoiding stereotypes. As change leaders, HR professionals have the ability to create a better talent pipeline line by addressing why we hire who we hire and coaching senior managers to create and manage high performing inclusive teams.

Unconscious Bias Training for Managers and Leaders - When leading a team, managers  often have to manage conflict which arises from different thinking styles and different approaches. This course opens up a dialogue for understanding how conflict can lead to innovation and why our brain tricks us into silencing those different from us. Can you afford to lose talent and ideas because you cannot get past your ethnocentrism?

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