Evolved Employer

A Better Workplace

Evolved Employer- a better workplace

What does it mean to be an Evolved Employer?

  • Your leaders are clear and communicative about the mission and strategy of the company and lead in an effective manner with engaged, happy and high performing followers
  • Your organizational design supports your business goals
  • Your workplace culture is healthy and rewards good behavior from all employees
  • You are identifying and developing talent appropriately and are not just promoting people who “seem” promotable or “just like me”
  • Your talented employees stay engaged and motivated to perform at optimal levels.
  • You have the ability to manage change and develop all types of people for a pipeline of future experts and leaders

Our methodology

We believe that every company culture is different. Just like a family, companies have power and authority dynamics, positive collaboration, and typically some dysfunction around how things get done.

We assess your company culture (small or large scale, formal or informal) and report the findings to you, so that you can understand the difference between causes of dysfunction and their symptoms such as low performance, low engagement, high turnover, lack of diversity/talent pipeline.

This culture audit is really uncovering how work gets done beyond the org chart.

We identify behaviors and processes that are invisible to the naked eye. We map how these processes are successfully or unsuccessfully interwoven with your systems and policies and ultimately your business mission and strategy!

Our Solutions

  • We design leadership coaching programs for individual executives who are key stakeholders in change and progression of the firm
  • We train employees (individuals, groups, teams) to improve their leadership, followership and interpersonal skills and enable them to take on behaviors that enhance their performance and engagement.
  • We train managers to become leaders of people by challenging assumptions and providing behavioral toolkits for scenarios outside of their own experience.

We Specialize in Diversity

Diversity is already a reality in your global workplace since actually diversity means having differences. Even if you have a team of seemingly same people – there are going to be differences in how people think, learn, approach tasks, define their values etc.

Diversity is often a misused word, resulting in a superficial compliance-based approach to talent. It’s not Noah’s Ark!

Instead, leaders and managers need to understand, manage, and leverage difference as a business and talent driver- to become a ” learning for effectiveness organization”

Diversity can take many forms:

  • Differing thinking styles
  • Different learning styles
  • Differing levels of experience.
  • Differing cultural backgrounds (ethnicity, nationality, geography).
  • Differing opinions around gender roles ( from women as well as men)
  • Conscious and unconscious bias and stereotype assumptions around minorities and their “presumed” behaviors (LGBT, ethnic minorities, religious minorities).
  • Differing generational approaches to work.
  • Different value sets
  • Different personalities ( we use the Hogan Assessment Suite)

We have the tools, experience and specific focus to help all your people get the most from their careers to perform at highest levels, giving your firm a competitive edge.